Fan Guards & Motor Mounts

EH Baare makes fan guards for almost any off-highway or stationary diesel engine application as well as fan guards, coil guards, motor mounts and grilles for the HVAC industry.

Design Assistance - Tooling - Fabrication

EH Baare offers a total solution to our customers from design assistance to finishing, with our own prototype department, tool shop, electrostatic painting line and zinc plating line. We fabricate wire with diameters ranging from 2.5 MM up to 12 MM for both light-duty and heavy-duty uses. Our manufacturing process can handle complex grid designs, special shapes, secondary operations and assembly.

EH Baare utilizes both resistance and MIG welding for heavy-duty engine parts, with over fifteen MIG welding booths and six state-of-the-art robotic welders to facilitate any welding need.

EH Baare has Bystronic fiber lasers and multi-axis CNC forming machines that automate the manufacturing process and enable producing component parts in-house.

EH Baare offers a variety of finishes for produced parts, including painting and plating according to customer preference or need. Powder paint is applied via an electrostatic spray operation for a durable finish. Zinc plating is electrodeposited on parts to provide protection for the underlying metal.