Baare can take a part from concept to finished item completely in-house. It makes its own affordable tooling, features resistance and MIG welding, and can both plate and paint the parts it produces.


All tooling is produced in-house. The use of modeling software and the ability to manufacture all of its own fixtures allows Baare to keep tooling affordable for its customers.


Baare utilizes both resistance and MIG welding. For its heavy-duty engine parts it welds all intersections using both methods. The company has over fifteen MIG welding booths and three state-of-the-art robotic welders to facilitate any welding need.


EH Baare has two Bystronic lasers and six multi-axis CNC forming machines that allow it to automate the manufacturing process and meet many of its raw material needs in-house.


Baare offers a variety of finishes for the parts it produces. Powder paint is applied via an electrostatic spray operation which gives a glossy and durable finish. Zinc plating is electrodeposited on the parts to provide protection for the underlying metal. Any part can be plated or painted according to customer preference or need.